Test for {{mpg_product_name}} MPG Page

Company details
  • Company: {{mpg_product_name}}
  • Website: {{mpg_website_url}}
  • Founder(s): {{mpg_entrepreneur_1}}
  • Location: {{mpg_company_city}}, {{mpg_state}}
  • Still in business: {{mpg_still_in_business}}
  • Appeared on: Season {{mpg_season}}, Episode {{mpg_episode}}
  • Original air date: {{mpg_air_date}}

Shark Tank performance
  • Ask: {{mpg_ask_money}} for {{mpg_ask_percentage}} ({{mpg_ask_company_value}} valuation)
  • Outcome: {{mpg_deal_or_no}}
  • Type: {{mpg_deal_type}}
  • Terms: {{mpg_investment}} for {{mpg_equity_taken}} ({{mpg_post-deal_valuation}} valuation)
  • Shark(s): {{mpg_shark_1}} {{mpg_shark_2}} {{mpg_shark_3}} [{{mpg_shark_4}} {{mpg_shark_5}}


What is {{mpg_product_name}} on Shark Tank?

{{mpg_product_name}} [mpg_spintax project_id=”2″ block_id=”809″]{creates|manufactures|produces|sells}[/mpg_spintax] {{mpg_product_description}}. The [mpg_spintax project_id=”2″ block_id=”783″]{company|business|firm}[/mpg_spintax] went on Shark Tank asking for an investment of {{mpg_ask_$}} for  {{mpg_ask_%}} equity, valuing the business at {{mpg_ask_company_value}}.

Who founded {{mpg_product_name}}?

{{mpg_product_name}} was founded by {{mpg_entrepreneur_1}}. The company is based in {{mpg_company_city}}, {{mpg_state}}.

When did {{mpg_product_name}} go on Shark Tank?

{{mpg_product_name}} [mpg_spintax project_id=”2″ block_id=”756″]{was|went|appeared|featured}[/mpg_spintax] on Season {{mpg_season}}, Episode {{mpg_episode}} of Shark Tank. [mpg_spintax project_id=”2″ block_id=”876″]{It|The show}[/mpg_spintax] originally aired on {{mpg_air_date}}.

Did {{mpg_product_name}} get a deal on Shark Tank?

Yes, {{mpg_product_name}} [mpg_spintax project_id=”2″ block_id=”779″]{made|agreed}[/mpg_spintax] a deal with {{mpg_shark_1}} for {{mpg_investment}} for {{mpg_equity_taken}} equity, {% difference} more than the founder’s original ask. The final valuation of {{mpg_post-deal_valuation}} was therefore {$ difference} lower than the founder’s original valuation of {{mpg_ask_company_value}}.

Who invested in {{mpg_product_name}} on Shark Tank?

{{mpg_shark_1}} invested {{mpg_investment}} for {{mpg_equity_taken}} equity of {{mpg_product_name}}. He|She|They negotiated an increase in equity of {% difference} from {{mpg_entrepreneur_1}}’s original ask.


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