Shark Tank Statistics

Shark Tank Stats Seasons 1–14: What’s the Real Shark Tank Success Rate?

Mark Furr

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Season 14 products

Read the latest news on the products from the current season.

Autio Shark Tank Update


Mark Furr

Autio is a travel app, specifically designed for road trips. The app features audio stories about places, landmarks, and cities as you drive by them. It is a great way to be entertained and learn something while on a road trip, without the need to be in front of a screen all day. But what will the Sharks think about this ambitious audio app? Read our Autio Shark Tank update to find out more. 

Chubby Buttons Shark Tank Update

Chubby Buttons

Mark Furr

Chubby Buttons is a wearable Bloothtooth remote with extra large buttons which can be used to control your smartphone in ski gloves, riding gloves, or in any environment in which you can’t stop to play with the controls on your smartphone. But, will the Sharks see big value in these oversized control buttons? Check out our Chubby Buttons Shark Tank update to learn all about it.

Crispy Cones Shark Tank Update

Crispy Cones

Mark Furr

Crispy Cones are a new take on the classic soft serve ice cream cone. They are made with fresh dough, grilled to order on a rotisserie grill, covered with cinnamon and sugar, and then filled with your choice of spread, and then filled with gourmet soft serve ice cream. Will the Sharks be willing to take a bite out of this decadent treat-based business? Read our Crispy Cones Shark Tank update to learn all about it. 

Sweetkiwi Shark Tank Update


Mark Furr

Sweetkiwi makes delicious, premium, whipped frozen Greek yogurt, which is nutritious and packed with protein, probiotics, and fiber. But, will the Sharks be sweet on this new take on a healthy dessert? Find out if one or more of the Sharks has a sweet tooth by reading our Sweetkiwi Shark Tank update. 

Featured Products

Read about some of the most popular products to appear in the Tank recently.

Tenikle on Shark Tank

Tenikle: After Wrestling with the Sharks, Here’s What Happened Next

Hazel C. M.

Tenikle entered the Shark Tank with its octopus-inspired device holder. But what happened after? This update has everything you need to know.

Snactiv on Shark Tank

Snactiv: The Sharks Smacked Their Lips, But Did Any Bite?

Ben Flynn

Snactiv helps keep hands and devices clean when snacking. But what did the Sharks think of it? Here’s the latest update after Shark Tank.

Hug Sleep During and After Shark Tank: Sleep Like a Baby…Literally

Matt Bastock

In 2020 Hug Sleep went onto Shark Tank to pitch their adult swaddling blanket. But what happened during and after the Tank? Here’s everything you need to know.

Season 13 Products

Take a closer look at some of the products, companies, and personalities from Season 13.

SMART Tire Shark Tank Update

SMART Tire Shark Tank Adventure

Mark Furr

SMART Tire is a line of airless tires that are made from space-age materials to eliminate ever getting a flat. But what did the Sharks think of SMART Tire? Did the owners win them over with an impressive pitch? And did SMART Tire roll out of the Tank with a deal? Our SMART Tire Shark … Read more

Diaper Dust Shark Tank Update

Diaper Dust Cleans Up in the Tank

Mark Furr

We take a look back at Diaper Dust, which appeared on Shark Tank in Season 13. This a company that had only $3k in sales when founder and Travel Nurse Regina Crisci went in to pitch to the Sharks, and Diaper Dust was also one of the few businesses to send in an unsolicited application for Shark Tank and to be accepted almost immediately.  

THEMAGIC5 Shark Tank Update

THEMAGIC5 Turns One Shark Into Two

Mark Furr

THEMAGIC5 turned an agreement with one Shark into a two Shark deal, but what happened next? THEMAGIC5 Shark Tank update has the answer.

Sparketh Shark Tank Update

A Bright Sparketh

Megan Bryant

Sparketh’s online art platform snagged two Sharks, but what happened next? This Sparketh Shark Tank update has the answer. 

Most Successful Shark Tank Products

Find out what happened to some of Shark Tank’s biggest successes.

Scrub Daddy Shark Tank appearance

Scrub Daddy Shark Tank Update: The King of Sponges

Megan Bryant

The smiley-faced sponge went into the Tank in 2012. But how much success has it achieved since? Here’s a full Scrub Daddy Shark Tank update.

Bombas Shark Tank appearance

A Bombas Shark Tank Update That Will Knock Your Socks Off

Megan Bryant

Bombas secured a deal for their athletic leisure socks in 2014. But what happened next? Here’s a Bombas Shark Tank Update.

TV appearance on this Ring Shark Tank Update

How Doorbot Became Ring and Made a Fortune

Megan Bryant

Ring, formerly known as Doorbot, entered the Tank in 2013. But what happened after? This Ring Shark Tank update has all the details.

Mark Cuban Investments

Read about some of the Dallas Mavericks owner’s recent deals.

Youthforia Shark Tank Update


Mark Furr

Youthforia believes that makeup should also be skincare, so their plant-based makeup products are so gentle on your skin that you can even sleep with your makeup on without worrying about skin irritation. But, will the Sharks be willing to get dolled up and join this modern, innovative line of good-for-your-skin cosmetics? Discover all of the details in our Youthforia Shark Tank update. 

FryAway Shark Tank Update


Mark Furr

FryAway seeks to help cooks avoid pouring cooking oil down the kitchen drain, where it can do serious damage to both plumbing and sewer systems. FryAway is a 100% plant-based, non-toxic powder that turns cooking oil into an organic solid, which can then easily and safely be disposed of in household trash. But will the Sharks be interested enough to grease the wheels of this new, organic, oil disposal product? Read our FryAway Shark Tank update to learn more.

Cabinet Shark Tank Update

Cabinet Health

Mark Furr

Cabinet Health is a company with a new compostable and refillable packaging system for medications. They seek to eliminate many of the 190 billion single-use plastic medicine bottles which the industry produces every year. But will the Sharks be impressed enough to take a healthy bite out of this environmentally-friendly medicine packaging company? Read our … Read more

Stealth Bros & Co Shark Tank Update

Stealth Bros & Co 

Mark Furr

Stealth Bros & Co seeks to help those who use injectable medications to keep their medical supplies organized and allow them to carry their medicines in a discreet, fashionable manner. But will the Sharks be willing to inject some cash into the company? Read our Stealth Bros & Co Shark Tank update to see if the Sharks were just what the doctor ordered for this stealthy business.