Pinch Me

Pinch Me Shark Tank Update

Pinch Me is a line of aromatherapy-infused moldable dough that helps reduce stress.

But did Pinch Me Therapy Dough knead a shark? Did Pinch Me leave the Tank with a deal? And what do customers think of the products? Read our Pinch Me Shark Tank Update to find out!

Copper Cow Coffee

Copper Cow Coffee Shark Tank Update

Copper Cow Coffee is a line of pour-over Vietnamese coffee bags.

But what do the Sharks think of the at-home Vietnamese coffee idea? Do any Sharks agree with the company’s valuation? And does Copper Cow Coffee leave the Tank with a deal? Read all about it in our Copper Cow Coffee Shark Tank Update.


Windcatcher Shark Tank Update

Windcatcher is a line of inflatable air pads with unique valves that inflate with just a few breaths. 

But did the Sharks see potential in the air pads? Were any blown away by the technology? And did Windcatcher make a deal? Read our Windcatcher Shark Tank Update to discover if it has been smooth sailing for Windcatcher.


FurZapper Shark Tank Update

FurZapper is a patented silicone pet hair remover that you place into your washer and dryer to remove unwanted pet hair.

But what did the Sharks think about the product? Did any of them think it was a worthy investment? And did FurZapper walk out of the Tank with a deal? Read our FurZapper Shark Tank Update to find out!

Diaper Dust Cleans Up in the Tank

Diaper Dust Shark Tank Update

We take a look back at Diaper Dust, which appeared on Shark Tank in Season 13. This a company that had only $3k in sales when founder and Travel Nurse Regina Crisci went in to pitch to the Sharks, and Diaper Dust was also one of the few businesses to send in an unsolicited application for Shark Tank and to be accepted almost immediately.  

Squatty Potty: A Fairytale Ending for Founding Family

Squatty Potty Shark Tank Update

We take a look back at Squatty Potty, one of the simplest, yet useful, inventions ever to appear in the Tank. This Squatty Potty Shark Tank update tells the story of what happened after the founders struck a deal with Lori Greiner. What is Squatty Potty? Squatty Potty is a company which manufactures toilet stools which … Read more

Cool as Ice: Ex-Surfer Overcame Adversity in the Tank

IceBeanie Shark Tank Update

Several Sharks were interested in IceBeanie, but Mark Cuban was quickest to act. Read what happened next in this IceBeanie Shark Tank update. What is IceBeanie? IceBeanie is a company which manufactures a wearable cap that provides relief from headaches and migraine pain using compression cold therapy to reduce inflammation and swelling. The company is … Read more