Burlap & Barrel

Burlap & Barrel Shark Tank Update

Burlap & Barrel seeks to provide home cooks with the best heirloom spices from around the world while directly sourcing their products from farmers, paying them a fair price and helping them to achieve sustainable farming practices. Will the Sharks be enticed by this spicy business? Check out our Burlap & Barrel Shark Tank update to find out. 

Brass Roots

Brass Roots Shark Tank Update

Brass Roots makes a line of healthy snack foods from the sacha inchi seed, which is also known as the Incan peanut. The company believes that sacha inchi seeds are a great substitute for peanuts and other tree nuts to which people have allergies. But, will New Orleans-based Brass Roots get a Shark to join … Read more

Long Table Pancake Mix

Long Table Pancake Mix Shark Tank

Long Table Pancake Mix is a premium, popcorn-based pancake mix made from heirloom wholegrain flour, and the company says that it makes the lightest, fluffiest pancakes in the world. Long Cake even surprised the Sharks with a celebrity guest who just loves their pancakes. But will this be enough to get the Sharks to take a bite and leave some dough on the table? Read our Long Table Pancake Mix Shark Tank update to find out.