Slick Barrier

Slick Barrier Shark Tank Update

Slick Barrier is a company that makes a pesticide-free barrier coating which goes around the base of your house to keep all of the creepy crawlers, such as spiders, cockroaches, ants, scorpions, bedbugs, and even rodents, from coming in to your home for a visit. But will this pesticide-free bug barrier be slick enough to coax some cash out of the Sharks? Read our Slick Barrier Shark Tank update to find out all about it. 


FryAway Shark Tank Update

FryAway seeks to help cooks avoid pouring cooking oil down the kitchen drain, where it can do serious damage to both plumbing and sewer systems. FryAway is a 100% plant-based, non-toxic powder that turns cooking oil into an organic solid, which can then easily and safely be disposed of in household trash. But will the Sharks be interested enough to grease the wheels of this new, organic, oil disposal product? Read our FryAway Shark Tank update to learn more.

Better Bedder Shark Tank Update

Better Bedder Shark Tank Update

Everyone hates making making the bed in the morning, right? Better Better is a unique, time-saving device which makes this chore a breeze. While Better Bedder makes this daily task so much easier, was the company was able to ease some money out of the Sharks? Read our Better Bedder Shark Tank Update to see if the Sharks were willing to jump into the bed-making business. 

ChessUp on Shark Tank

ChessUp Shark Tank Update

ChessUp is a high-tech chess board which uses AI to teach people how to play chess. Players learn to play the game simply by touching the different pieces to learn all of the possible moves. 

But could ChessUp move a Shark to invest in their new AI twist on a very old game? Read our ChessUP Shark Tank Update to find out!


Windcatcher Shark Tank Update

Windcatcher is a line of inflatable air pads with unique valves that inflate with just a few breaths. 

But did the Sharks see potential in the air pads? Were any blown away by the technology? And did Windcatcher make a deal? Read our Windcatcher Shark Tank Update to discover if it has been smooth sailing for Windcatcher.


FurZapper Shark Tank Update

FurZapper is a patented silicone pet hair remover that you place into your washer and dryer to remove unwanted pet hair.

But what did the Sharks think about the product? Did any of them think it was a worthy investment? And did FurZapper walk out of the Tank with a deal? Read our FurZapper Shark Tank Update to find out!

Squatty Potty: A Fairytale Ending for Founding Family

Squatty Potty Shark Tank Update

We take a look back at Squatty Potty, one of the simplest, yet useful, inventions ever to appear in the Tank. This Squatty Potty Shark Tank update tells the story of what happened after the founders struck a deal with Lori Greiner. What is Squatty Potty? Squatty Potty is a company which manufactures toilet stools which … Read more