Bleni Blends

Bleni Blends Shark Tank update

Do you have a really short break and need something healthy to drink? Don’t worry, Bleni Blends new automated smoothie kiosks can make you an all natural fruit smoothie, with no added sugar, in just one minute. But what will the Sharks think about this smooth new way to grab a healthy drink on go? Find out more in our Bleni Blends Shark Tank update.

Frescos Naturales

Frescos Naturales Shark Tank Update

Frescos Naturales is a company which puts a bubbly twist on traditional, latin-inspired drinks, aguas frescas. Frescos Naturales produces delicious, water-based drinks made with real ingredients, just water, fruit or flowers, and a little sugar. But will a Shark be tempted to drink up with this modern take on a traditional beverage? Read our Frescos Naturales Shark Tank update to find out. 


Nutr Shark Tank Update

With Nutr’s at-home, plant-based milk making machine, you can make your own dairy-free milks at home at the push of a button. But will the Sharks drink up with Nutr, or will they think that it’s just a nutty idea? Read our Nutr Shark Tank update to see what happened both in the Tank and … Read more


Nopalera Shark Tank Update

Nopalera makes a line of latino-inspired bath and beauty products, using the Mexican Nopal cactus as its star ingredient. Will this prickly luxury bath and beauty brand be able to convince a Shark to join them in elevating the cactus to the top of the luxury market? Read our Nopalera Shark Tank update to learn … Read more