Stealth Bros & Co 

Stealth Bros & Co Shark Tank Update

Stealth Bros & Co seeks to help those who use injectable medications to keep their medical supplies organized and allow them to carry their medicines in a discreet, fashionable manner. But will the Sharks be willing to inject some cash into the company? Read our Stealth Bros & Co Shark Tank update to see if the Sharks were just what the doctor ordered for this stealthy business.


JicaFoods Shark Tank Update

JicaFoods makes nutritious, low calorie, low carb taco wraps out of the root vegetable jicama. JicaWraps’ founders say that one can eat tacos as often as they like, without worrying about the waistline. However, what will the Sharks think about this alternative to those delicious taco tortillas? Read our JicaFoods Shark Tank update to see if a Shark is willing open their checkbook to invest in the future of tacos.