The Ice Cream Canteen

The Ice Cream Canteen Shark Tank Update

The Ice Cream Canteen allows you to take a pint of ice cream long with you on your favorite outdoor adventures, whether it be to to the beach, the ballgame, the park, or on a picnic lunch. But, will the the company get a cold reception in the Tank? Read The Ice Cream Canteen Shark Tank update to find out all about it. 


Youthforia Shark Tank Update

Youthforia believes that makeup should also be skincare, so their plant-based makeup products are so gentle on your skin that you can even sleep with your makeup on without worrying about skin irritation. But, will the Sharks be willing to get dolled up and join this modern, innovative line of good-for-your-skin cosmetics? Discover all of the details in our Youthforia Shark Tank update. 

Retold Recycling

Retold Recycling Shark Tank Update

Retold Recycling is on a mission to divert some of the 12 million tons of used clothes and textiles which end up in landfills in the US every year. The company hopes to do this with their mail-in recycling service for used clothes. Will the the Sharks believe that Retold Recycling can convince people pay for the privilege recycling their used clothes by sending them off through the mail? Find out the answer to this question and many others in our Retold Recycling Shark Tank update. 


FryAway Shark Tank Update

FryAway seeks to help cooks avoid pouring cooking oil down the kitchen drain, where it can do serious damage to both plumbing and sewer systems. FryAway is a 100% plant-based, non-toxic powder that turns cooking oil into an organic solid, which can then easily and safely be disposed of in household trash. But will the Sharks be interested enough to grease the wheels of this new, organic, oil disposal product? Read our FryAway Shark Tank update to learn more.

Cabinet Health

Cabinet Shark Tank Update

Cabinet Health is a company with a new compostable and refillable packaging system for medications. They seek to eliminate many of the 190 billion single-use plastic medicine bottles which the industry produces every year. But will the Sharks be impressed enough to take a healthy bite out of this environmentally-friendly medicine packaging company? Read our … Read more

Stealth Bros & Co 

Stealth Bros & Co Shark Tank Update

Stealth Bros & Co seeks to help those who use injectable medications to keep their medical supplies organized and allow them to carry their medicines in a discreet, fashionable manner. But will the Sharks be willing to inject some cash into the company? Read our Stealth Bros & Co Shark Tank update to see if the Sharks were just what the doctor ordered for this stealthy business.

Kudos Diapers on Shark Tank

Kudos Diapers Shark Tank Update

Kudos is a company which makes all natural, plant-based, disposable baby diapers. They are on a mission to protect both a baby’s soft behind, and the earth onto which these babies are born. Will the company’s drive to free babies’ tushes from being wrapped in plastic all day, along with their focus on reducing plastic being dumped into landfills, be enough to soften up a thick-skinned Shark? Read our Kudos Shark Tank Update to learn more. 

Garage Celebrations

Garage Celebrations Shark Tank Update

Garage Celebrations is a company that makes reusable garage door covers which turn your garage door into a holiday celebration or help to mark a special occasion. 

But will the Shark’s feel like celebrating this new holiday decorating idea? And what will they think of the company’s valuation? The Sharks often worry about inventory problems for seasonal businesses, will the founders be able to overcome their concerns? Read on to find out here in our Garage Celebrations Shark Tank Update.

Ice Shaker

Ice Shaker Shark Tank Update

Ice Shaker is a company that produces insulated protein shaker bottles and water bottles to help keep drinks cold for up to 30 hours.  But did the Sharks like Ice Shaker’s idea? Did any of them see potential in the product? And did Ice Shaker shake hands with a Shark before leaving the tank? Read our … Read more

Diaper Dust Cleans Up in the Tank

Diaper Dust Shark Tank Update

We take a look back at Diaper Dust, which appeared on Shark Tank in Season 13. This a company that had only $3k in sales when founder and Travel Nurse Regina Crisci went in to pitch to the Sharks, and Diaper Dust was also one of the few businesses to send in an unsolicited application for Shark Tank and to be accepted almost immediately.  

Cool as Ice: Ex-Surfer Overcame Adversity in the Tank

IceBeanie Shark Tank Update

Several Sharks were interested in IceBeanie, but Mark Cuban was quickest to act. Read what happened next in this IceBeanie Shark Tank update. What is IceBeanie? IceBeanie is a company which manufactures a wearable cap that provides relief from headaches and migraine pain using compression cold therapy to reduce inflammation and swelling. The company is … Read more