Burlap & Barrel

Burlap & Barrel Shark Tank Update

Burlap & Barrel seeks to provide home cooks with the best heirloom spices from around the world while directly sourcing their products from farmers, paying them a fair price and helping them to achieve sustainable farming practices. Will the Sharks be enticed by this spicy business? Check out our Burlap & Barrel Shark Tank update to find out. 

Happi Floss

Happi Floss Shark Tank Update

Happi Floss is a new disposable dental flosser which is 100% compostable, eliminating the need to send single-use plastic flossers to the landfill. Will the Sharks be willing to take a bite out of this earth-friendly dental device? Check out out Happi Floss Shark Tank update to learn all about it. 


Autio Shark Tank Update

Autio is a travel app, specifically designed for road trips. The app features audio stories about places, landmarks, and cities as you drive by them. It is a great way to be entertained and learn something while on a road trip, without the need to be in front of a screen all day. But what will the Sharks think about this ambitious audio app? Read our Autio Shark Tank update to find out more. 

Chubby Buttons

Chubby Buttons Shark Tank Update

Chubby Buttons is a wearable Bloothtooth remote with extra large buttons which can be used to control your smartphone in ski gloves, riding gloves, or in any environment in which you can’t stop to play with the controls on your smartphone. But, will the Sharks see big value in these oversized control buttons? Check out our Chubby Buttons Shark Tank update to learn all about it.


Pluie Shark Tank Update

Pluie seeks to clean up the way that people change their baby’s diapers in public. The company manufacures the world’s first self-sanitizing diaper changing station. But, will the Sharks see an opportunity to clean up in this dirty, sometimes smelly, business? Read our Pluie Shark Tank Update to find out all about it. 


Woof Shark Tank Update

Woof is a smartphone app which seeks to give pet owners peace of mind when they leave the house. The app is designed to set into action a rescue plan for your pets if something happens to you while you are away, and for any reason, are unable to get home. But, will the Sharks believe that this new pet-rescue app is barking up the wrong tree? Find out in our Woof Shark Tank update. 

Surf Band Pro

Surf Band Pro Shark Tank Update

Surf Band Pro is a wearable, watch-like device that can be used to dispense sunscreen, insect repellant, or sanitizer, and it is perfect for surfers or anyone who participates in adventure sports. Surf Band Pro eliminates the need to carry a bottle or tube of sunscreen out on the waves, but will the Sharks be willing to catch a wave with this innovative new self protection product? Check out our Surf Band Pro Shark Tank update to see if a Shark is willing to hang ten with the next big thing in surf culture. 

Chub Rub Patch

Chub Rub Patch Shark Tank Update

The Chub Rub Patch is a wearable patch which is designed to prevent painful thigh chafing, and the patches are both latex-free and sweat-proof, so they can be worn for everyday use while walking all day on a city adventure, or for exercising and playing sports. But will there be friction between the Sharks and the Chub Rub founder, or will things glide along smoothly in the Tank? Read our Chub Rub Shark Tank update to find out more. 

Copy Keyboard

Copy Keyboard Shark Tank Update

Copy Keyboard is a USB, plug-and-play, copy-and paste keyboard accessory. The device is designed to help users avoid the finger cramping and discomfort caused when repeatedly using the copy and paste functions on a standard keyboard.

Read our Copy Keyboard Shark Tank update to find out if this new keyboard accessory clicks with one of the Sharks.


Nutr Shark Tank Update

With Nutr’s at-home, plant-based milk making machine, you can make your own dairy-free milks at home at the push of a button. But will the Sharks drink up with Nutr, or will they think that it’s just a nutty idea? Read our Nutr Shark Tank update to see what happened both in the Tank and … Read more

Brass Roots

Brass Roots Shark Tank Update

Brass Roots makes a line of healthy snack foods from the sacha inchi seed, which is also known as the Incan peanut. The company believes that sacha inchi seeds are a great substitute for peanuts and other tree nuts to which people have allergies. But, will New Orleans-based Brass Roots get a Shark to join … Read more


Nopalera Shark Tank Update

Nopalera makes a line of latino-inspired bath and beauty products, using the Mexican Nopal cactus as its star ingredient. Will this prickly luxury bath and beauty brand be able to convince a Shark to join them in elevating the cactus to the top of the luxury market? Read our Nopalera Shark Tank update to learn … Read more


VoChill Shark Tank Update

VoChill’s personal wine chillers keep your wine crisp, cool, and refreshing for you without the need to water down your wine with ice cubes or to pour your nice wine into a clunky metal cup. But will the Sharks be cool with this new way to drink a very traditional beverage? Read our VoChill Shark Tank Update to see if the Sharks were ready to pop the cork and join VoChill in its mission to help wine lovers everywhere enjoy a cool sip of their favorite beverage. 

Metric Mate

Metric Mate Shark Tank Update

Metric Mate is a company which seeks to update your workout by turning weight lifting and strength-training gym equipment into SMART equipment. But will the Sharks believe that this new way of logging sets and reps for gym rats is smart enough to convince them to write a check? Read our Metric Mate Shark Tank update to find out more. 

Long Table Pancake Mix

Long Table Pancake Mix Shark Tank

Long Table Pancake Mix is a premium, popcorn-based pancake mix made from heirloom wholegrain flour, and the company says that it makes the lightest, fluffiest pancakes in the world. Long Cake even surprised the Sharks with a celebrity guest who just loves their pancakes. But will this be enough to get the Sharks to take a bite and leave some dough on the table? Read our Long Table Pancake Mix Shark Tank update to find out.