Nopalera Shark Tank Update

Nopalera makes a line of latino-inspired bath and beauty products, using the Mexican Nopal cactus as its star ingredient. Will this prickly luxury bath and beauty brand be able to convince a Shark to join them in elevating the cactus to the top of the luxury market? Read our Nopalera Shark Tank update to learn … Read more

Cabinet Health

Cabinet Shark Tank Update

Cabinet Health is a company with a new compostable and refillable packaging system for medications. They seek to eliminate many of the 190 billion single-use plastic medicine bottles which the industry produces every year. But will the Sharks be impressed enough to take a healthy bite out of this environmentally-friendly medicine packaging company? Read our … Read more


Wildwonder Shark Tank Update

Wildwonder is a company that offers sparkling beverages which are fruity and delicious while providing health-conscious customers with both live probiotics and prebiotic fiber. But was this healthly-drinks business able to quench the thirst of a Shark looking for a tasty deal? Read our Wildwonder Shark Tank update to find out.


VoChill Shark Tank Update

VoChill’s personal wine chillers keep your wine crisp, cool, and refreshing for you without the need to water down your wine with ice cubes or to pour your nice wine into a clunky metal cup. But will the Sharks be cool with this new way to drink a very traditional beverage? Read our VoChill Shark Tank Update to see if the Sharks were ready to pop the cork and join VoChill in its mission to help wine lovers everywhere enjoy a cool sip of their favorite beverage. 

Metric Mate

Metric Mate Shark Tank Update

Metric Mate is a company which seeks to update your workout by turning weight lifting and strength-training gym equipment into SMART equipment. But will the Sharks believe that this new way of logging sets and reps for gym rats is smart enough to convince them to write a check? Read our Metric Mate Shark Tank update to find out more. 

Kinfield on Shark Tank

Kinfield Shark Tank Update

Kinfield is a company which helps people to enjoy the great outdoors by providing all-natural, plant-based sunscreens and insect repellents. But will the Sharks be impressed enough to take a bite out of this modern brand of products for people who love the outdoors? Read our Kinfield Shark Tank update to find out.

Stealth Bros & Co 

Stealth Bros & Co Shark Tank Update

Stealth Bros & Co seeks to help those who use injectable medications to keep their medical supplies organized and allow them to carry their medicines in a discreet, fashionable manner. But will the Sharks be willing to inject some cash into the company? Read our Stealth Bros & Co Shark Tank update to see if the Sharks were just what the doctor ordered for this stealthy business.

Long Table Pancake Mix

Long Table Pancake Mix Shark Tank

Long Table Pancake Mix is a premium, popcorn-based pancake mix made from heirloom wholegrain flour, and the company says that it makes the lightest, fluffiest pancakes in the world. Long Cake even surprised the Sharks with a celebrity guest who just loves their pancakes. But will this be enough to get the Sharks to take a bite and leave some dough on the table? Read our Long Table Pancake Mix Shark Tank update to find out.

Kudos Diapers on Shark Tank

Kudos Diapers Shark Tank Update

Kudos is a company which makes all natural, plant-based, disposable baby diapers. They are on a mission to protect both a baby’s soft behind, and the earth onto which these babies are born. Will the company’s drive to free babies’ tushes from being wrapped in plastic all day, along with their focus on reducing plastic being dumped into landfills, be enough to soften up a thick-skinned Shark? Read our Kudos Shark Tank Update to learn more. 


JicaFoods Shark Tank Update

JicaFoods makes nutritious, low calorie, low carb taco wraps out of the root vegetable jicama. JicaWraps’ founders say that one can eat tacos as often as they like, without worrying about the waistline. However, what will the Sharks think about this alternative to those delicious taco tortillas? Read our JicaFoods Shark Tank update to see if a Shark is willing open their checkbook to invest in the future of tacos. 

Better Bedder Shark Tank Update

Better Bedder Shark Tank Update

Everyone hates making making the bed in the morning, right? Better Better is a unique, time-saving device which makes this chore a breeze. While Better Bedder makes this daily task so much easier, was the company was able to ease some money out of the Sharks? Read our Better Bedder Shark Tank Update to see if the Sharks were willing to jump into the bed-making business. 

Garage Celebrations

Garage Celebrations Shark Tank Update

Garage Celebrations is a company that makes reusable garage door covers which turn your garage door into a holiday celebration or help to mark a special occasion. 

But will the Shark’s feel like celebrating this new holiday decorating idea? And what will they think of the company’s valuation? The Sharks often worry about inventory problems for seasonal businesses, will the founders be able to overcome their concerns? Read on to find out here in our Garage Celebrations Shark Tank Update.


ZipString Shark Tank Update

ZipString is an addictive new toy that floats a loop of string in the air. The string seems to magically follow the user’s movements, making this a great toy for people of all ages. 

With some 200 million views on social media, there is a great deal of buzz about this new toy, but will the Sharks be willing to float some cash their way? And what will the Sharks think about the company’s valuation? Read about all of this and more, here in our ZipString Shark Tank Update.


ReadyFestive Shark Tank Update

ReadyFestive is a company that curates and delivers unique seasonal and holiday decorations as a customizable subscription service.

But what do the Sharks think about a holiday-themed subscription service? How do they view the company’s evaluation? Will any of the Sharks feel cheerful enough to open their checkbooks and join the festivities? Read all about it in our ReadyFestive Shark Tank Update.

ChessUp on Shark Tank

ChessUp Shark Tank Update

ChessUp is a high-tech chess board which uses AI to teach people how to play chess. Players learn to play the game simply by touching the different pieces to learn all of the possible moves. 

But could ChessUp move a Shark to invest in their new AI twist on a very old game? Read our ChessUP Shark Tank Update to find out!

Pinch Me

Pinch Me Shark Tank Update

Pinch Me is a line of aromatherapy-infused moldable dough that helps reduce stress.

But did Pinch Me Therapy Dough knead a shark? Did Pinch Me leave the Tank with a deal? And what do customers think of the products? Read our Pinch Me Shark Tank Update to find out!

Copper Cow Coffee

Copper Cow Coffee Shark Tank Update

Copper Cow Coffee is a line of pour-over Vietnamese coffee bags.

But what do the Sharks think of the at-home Vietnamese coffee idea? Do any Sharks agree with the company’s valuation? And does Copper Cow Coffee leave the Tank with a deal? Read all about it in our Copper Cow Coffee Shark Tank Update.


Windcatcher Shark Tank Update

Windcatcher is a line of inflatable air pads with unique valves that inflate with just a few breaths. 

But did the Sharks see potential in the air pads? Were any blown away by the technology? And did Windcatcher make a deal? Read our Windcatcher Shark Tank Update to discover if it has been smooth sailing for Windcatcher.

Cookie Dough Cafe

Cookie Dough Cafe Shark Tank Update

Cookie Dough Cafe is a cookie dough line that is safe to eat raw.

But what did the Sharks think of the product? Did any of them see potential in the raw cookie dough line? And were any of them willing to give up some dough? Read our Cookie Dough Cafe Shark Tank Update to discover what happened to this sweet business.


FurZapper Shark Tank Update

FurZapper is a patented silicone pet hair remover that you place into your washer and dryer to remove unwanted pet hair.

But what did the Sharks think about the product? Did any of them think it was a worthy investment? And did FurZapper walk out of the Tank with a deal? Read our FurZapper Shark Tank Update to find out!

Ice Shaker

Ice Shaker Shark Tank Update

Ice Shaker is a company that produces insulated protein shaker bottles and water bottles to help keep drinks cold for up to 30 hours.  But did the Sharks like Ice Shaker’s idea? Did any of them see potential in the product? And did Ice Shaker shake hands with a Shark before leaving the tank? Read our … Read more

Diaper Dust Cleans Up in the Tank

Diaper Dust Shark Tank Update

We take a look back at Diaper Dust, which appeared on Shark Tank in Season 13. This a company that had only $3k in sales when founder and Travel Nurse Regina Crisci went in to pitch to the Sharks, and Diaper Dust was also one of the few businesses to send in an unsolicited application for Shark Tank and to be accepted almost immediately.